Our cooks

Carmela Nonna

Carmela, or La Nonna (The Grandma) as we lovingly refer to her, is the heart of the iPoderi kitchen. She is a patience person who infuses all her recipes with the love, happiness and peacefulness that a person can possess. Her recipes not only come from her heart, but also from her inventive & seasoned head. Some of her originals include the infamous “Torta della Nonna” (grandmother’s cake) and “Fiori di Zucca Fritti in Pastella” (pumpkin flowers fried in batter).

Anna Maria La Madre

Anna is primarily a yoga teacher who connects her cuisine with nature and a vegetarian philosophy. Her passions include taking care of her synergistic vegetable garden and creating recipes with what it produces. During the course, you will get in touch with the garden, picking fruits and vegetable from it. You will learn how to make pasta, vegetarian recipes and more.